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Vefrit fjármagnað af lesendum

Ef þér líkar við skrif okkar og efnistök og vilt sjá vefritið lifa og dafna þá er um að gera að gerast áskrifandi. Þinn stuðningur skiptir máli!

The Land and the Sea

Ellen Wild, Land and Sea, nature, environment, fish farming, pollution, Iceland, Scandinavia, salmon, wildlife, fish, úr vör, vefrit, Aron Ingi Guðmundsson
„The time for light words and cryptic poetic commentary is over. I’m not sorry. I refuse to stand idly by as our natural heritage is eroded.“ Photo by Aron Ingi Guðmundsson

As twilight falls over Iceland, I find myself looking at the horizon. A cold ray of sun passes over, days are getting longer, but summer is still far away. Here, amidst the sand on the edge of the restless waters, I feel a sense of awe. We stand so small in this home of ours. But the restlessness of the waves makes me deeply sad at the same time. How can something so small, willingly, knowingly, destroy its own home, its own mother. When did we forget our duty to safeguard our island home?

Underneath the songs of clouds and wind, the ocean whispers its ancient tale, a story of resilience and fragility. Yet, within its depths, something is brooding. The shadows of uncertainty mixing with the flow.

The time has come to speak out, to shine light on pure greed, taking place right under our noses. The recent controversy of farmed salmon escaping to Iceland’s rivers is just another drop in an already overflowing bucket. We are screaming, yet it falls on deaf ears. The music of economical interest blasting its beats too loud.

The practice of salmon farming is not only threatening but destroying the delicate balance of marine life with its pollution and unchecked expansion. The toll this industry takes on our environment is known: From the degradation of water quality to the spread of disease among wild populations. It is known. Parasite invested breeding, marketed as one of the best quality products of the north. It tastes so good, it must be worth it, right? Prioritizing profit margins over the health of our waters.

And what of the majestic whales that grace our shores? Commercial interests clash with the sanctity of life. Or should I say, the delusion of one single old man. That decision makers in the North even consider these outrageous traditions, is beyond understanding. Yet, the truth remains undeniable - the slaughter of these magnificent creatures serves no purpose beyond greed and exploitation. It is a stain upon our national conscience, a betrayal of the natural heritage we claim to hold dear. Iceland stands not alone: Faroese and northern Norwegians listen up.

We demand an end to the barbaric practices that threaten our water, and a renewed commitment to conservation and respect for all life forms. The time for light words and cryptic poetic commentary is over. I’m not sorry. I refuse to stand idly by as our natural heritage is eroded. We must stand as a voice for the land and sea that sustain us. Let us sing the song of land and sea. Let us safeguard our country. 

In the warmth of the sun's rays and the cool embrace of the ocean breeze, I find my breath. It is here, amidst the untamed beauty of these northern coasts, that I draw inspiration to continue the fight for our natural treasures.

When did we forget that we are the stewards of our island home? It is time to remember. 

For we are not just inhabitants of this land and sea, but caretakers of a precious inheritance that belongs to us all. And it is our duty, to ensure that this inheritance remains intact for generations to come.


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